Laurence Bonfoey ~ Dance Instructor

1360 W. Morning View Drive, Tucson, AZ 85704
Take Your First Step Call > 520-271-7099

Private and Group Dance Lessons in Tucson

June 2018 Dance Classes!

Outlaw Saloon, dance lessons Every tuesday 6-7 pm

Arizona Two Step: Have Fun doing Spins, Turns, Wraps, PLUS A LOT MORE!!

Lots of cowgirls & cowboys to dance with!  $5 Per Person!  Having Fun Meeting New  Friends!

Maverick - king of clubs, Every Weekend! ~ 7-8 pm

June 8th, Friday - 8 COUNT SHUFFLE

June 9th, Saturday - ARIZONA TWO STEP

June 15th, Friday - JITTERBUG / SWING

June 16th, Saturday - ARIZONA TWO STEP

June 22nd, Friday ~ COUNTRY WALTZ

Learn to Dance: Two Step, Jitterbug, Waltz, 8 Count Shuffle

June 23rd, Saturday ~ ARIZONA TWO STEP

June 29th, Friday ~ PROGRESSIVE TWO STEP

June 30th, Saturday ~ ARIZONA TWO STEP